About Multiflow


We are ready to provide state-of-the-art energy saving product and energy solutions to meet our customer requirements. We will create an innovative stable technology to enhance the added value of industrial quality and quantity to lower the operational cost, increasing employee's satisfaction, improving work environment with amicability to achieve sustainable management. We are promise working closely all the time with our customers and third-party partners throughout the supply chain including assist customers in planning and design and provide advice of energy saving alternative and create an innovative, lively and sustainable growth of working environment for our employee to develop career and stimulate the potential to achieve self-realization.


At Multiflow, our mission and values are to be the leader in developing and implementing total solution of energy saving, realize financial savings for our customers and protect our environment. Providing comprehensive green solutions service and assist our customer to acquire the green building certification. We enable customers to decrease energy consumption and realize immediate cost saving, which reduce greenhouse gas emission and improve the comfort and satisfaction of building occupant. Just as we constantly update and improve our products and service portfolio, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to provide energy saving products and to better serve our customers.

Service Concept

Multiflow's services are divided into four areas: [Green Products Trade Services], [Package of Green Engineering Services], [International Green Certification Counseling (such as LEED, EEWH, China Green Label)] and [Intelligence Building Certification Counseling].


Professional membership and certification

Multiflow has been recognized in energy-saving, green building certification services, product research and development, contract energy management, and public activities successfully. USGBC , ASHRAE, LEED AP , EVO CMVP, ISO 50001 Lead Auditor & AEE Member,Multiflow is an intelligence building excellent system integrators through evaluation from USGBC , ASHRAE, LEED AP , EVO CMVP, ISO 50001 Lead Auditor & AEE Member.


Team Works

Ongoing training and encourage outstanding international project teams on both Taiwan and China. We provide professional services for the project process and project.


Multiflow help customers quickly respond to energy saving trend and international certification standards with a strong product portfolio of innovative technology capabilities.


In order to provide system integration solutions to customers, the consideration on customer's request and continuous industry technique enhancement is required.


Development Extension / business team sensitive response to market dynamics, technology trends. Engineering / maintenance teams provide steady service to owner.



Multiflow Taiwan Co. Ltd. (Multiflow) is headquartered in Taichung. Multiflow cooperates with American TRICOIL, Canada ENVISION and AQUALYSE to develop green integrated technology solution to share energy saving and water purification with industry especially in Asia. We are also member of USGBC, ASHRAE, China Energy Conservation Association and LEED AP & PE.


Multiflow has begun to develop energy saving business in China. As the same year, we established Multiflow (Shanghai) Co. Ltd and set up the service foothold in Beijing and Suzhou.