LEED Certification

Multiflow has counseled enterprises cross-strait executing the authentication of LEED, international Organization of green building certification. Multiflow contributes our best effort regard to the growth rate of green building of the Asian Pacific Zone. For the purposes of encouraging sustainable environment, and implementing green building management, we have provided unequivocal guidance of green building developments, schemes and designs, operations and maintenances. Currently there are many companies entrust Multiflow certified LEED counseling and successfully achieved various certified levels, please refer to our case description.
Multiflow has verified services from the international teams, in addition to experienced LEED AP, CMVP, PE, also includes professional architect, civic engineer, landscaper, electrical technicians and air-conditioning technicians. Multiflow help owners achieving tangible benefits after certification through experts in building facilities, integration meetings, careful computer simulation operation, adjustment and testing to provide a complete on-site training.


Building Commissioning

The most important part of the green building, starting from design, construction to the completion of a building or a project, is none other than the overall quality control of the implementation of green building features, ventilation, heating and cooling systems and energy systems validation. Building commissioning aims at ensuring the quality of management and energy efficiency improvements (electricity, air conditioning, lighting, water and renewable energy), and through educating personnel operating and maintaining the key of green building system operations to prevent and avoid errors or omissions to occur. And it directly implements low-carbon building operations, safety, and comfort of the environment, and help reducing operation costs, additional expenses and management risks, its ROI also yield up to 5-25%.

Services Of Sustainability

Document Review

Multiflow exclusively and industry-leadingly developed a document managing platform which is similar to the GBCI LEED online. Via this platform, our green building team can help enterprise process the documents through a systematic audit and management. From LEED pre-registered works to trial after stage, Multiflow team will be aware of the needs of the application process for all conditions, and a set of plans of the most effective authenticated techniques and methods for the owners in line with economic benefits.

Green Education

LEED has become the most credible international green building technical score index, the LEED AP professional certification a plus not only in the workplace, but also create more opportunities in the green market. LEED course aims to provide an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the exam in order to achieve the required knowledge areas. Multiflow offers resources for related books, such as: LEED BD + C Reference Guide compensate for the inadequacy of a single textbook. Courses will include an overview of the key priorities scoring system to remind the field that contains the necessary score, major projects (Prerequisite), optional score (Credit) and important interpretation.

Green Product Endorsements

Do you wonder whether if your product meets the standard of Green specification? Multiflow uses the LEED rating technology product testing benchmark for your green products. When the product itself meet the relevant eligibility criteria and scoring plenty of points, through an independent third party role of Multiflow and official certified LEED Associated Professional to pose test reports for you and supply you getting a green report, the reporting results also apply to the relevant international green certification. Our consultant team will also assist in marketing products with green subsequent reports so to show the effectiveness of the promotion.