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EMC & Equipment-Leasing

To make save energy into action and become more widely accepted, Mutiflow provide 3 flexible transactions for owners to choose from, according to owners’ business needs to select the most advantageous way for energy saving, which are traditional buyout, or to consider reinvestment of capital lease, or full-service of energy efficiency sharing.

KEC Heat Pumps

"Heat pump" is a use of environmental potential energy resources from the Earth, stable, secure, low energy consumption, low pollution, low operating costs and other features. It make medium temperature (60 ℃), high temperature (85 ℃), water (Water Source) and air source (Air Source) heat pumps, heating applications so far, the most efficient, well-balanced investment and operational cost-effectiveness, taking technologies into account of environmental sustainability.

Energy Recovery

It is quite common for industrial processes or thermal facilities not install energy recovery devices thus it directly or indirectly discharge of waste energy in the atmosphere. The majority of the discharged waste energy still has not been effectively used. For instance, waste heat energy is typically not been used during the production of heating. These secondary energy recovery and reuse can produce the maximum energy efficiency.

AquaCue ION Water Treatment

Water is often the main source of the diseases. Aqua Cue’s innovative physical purified technology ionizes water, and is committed to the prevention and control of microbiological water treatment program. Taking green water quality and public safety into account, it also offering users peace of mind to use water resources under the excellent conditions public of health infection control, such as drinking water (Potable Water), swimming pool, SPA and the majority of process water microbial control, Aqua Cue gives users a Chemical-Free health world

Liquid Desiccant System

Alternative dehumidification, compares to traditional energy-consuming manner, is industrial users’ best solution for dehumidification drying. It significantly reduces the cost of production; especially apply to fast drying, precise temperature and humidity control for the needs of the environment. Temperature and humidity control range up to ± 0.5 ° C / RH ± 2%, saving 30 to 60 percent. Its unbeatably amazing performance compares to other similar energy-saving applications.

Atmospheric Water Generation

Water is the element of life; clean water will also launch the next wave of economic revolution. Aqua Sciences portable air-water equipment is made of natural salt material, highly efficient taking water resources from air. Its usage even succeeded in a variety of harsh geographical and climatic conditions, such as: the Arabian Desert, natural disasters (Haiti Earthquake Relief) and the U.S. Army base. Through Aqua Science revolutionary technology, almost under any environmental conditions of human activity, it can effectively mine clean water resources from the atmosphere.