Equipment Leasing

What is Equipment Leasing

During the contract, business owners do not need to pay extra fees and construction costs of energy-saving equipment. Owners can low-costly enjoy Multiflow’s high-efficient energy-saving facilities. We use innovative energy-saving technologies and new service transaction model for enterprises to implement energy management and control project. Commitment to the customer’s project in savings and controlling energy-efficient investment risk is a full range responsibility in contract period (including finance, technology, construction, operation supervision and maintenance services.) In the contract period, enterprises simply pay cost saved as service fee after the implementation of energy-saving, and businesses can follow different saving benefits of the project, up to a 10 to 30% energy savings share gains.


Provision for cost effective tax savings:

Saving lease rentals paid monthly, as companies can provide the full month Expenses and reported no upper limit of the amount of rental expense; while 5% sales tax included can be used to rent imputation credit. Also on depreciation, in the period of the rental lease, all expenses costs can be listed, with the effect of accelerated depreciation.

Reducing capital expenditures, more flexible funds:

Enterprises do not need to spend large sums of cash to buy high depreciation of energy-saving equipment, and can save huge cash down, turn into the high-margin business to generate higher returns.

Increase the return on assets:

Fixed Equipment rental expenses listed only in the profit and loss statement, it is not included in the fixed assets. To increase return on assets: this way can significantly enhance the rate (such as return on assets and liquidity ratios) financial statements, allowing your business to be more competitive.

Simplified and facilitated budget control:

Long-term leasing program can save a fixed amount of rent paid each month, in addition to avoid the risk of inflation, and also in no need to consider the complexity of depreciation, maintenance fees, taxes and other issues. Furthermore, in the period of the lease, it can help more accurately forecast demand for funds, so that it will be more convenient and easier for enterprises to make the implementation of financial planning and cost control.


Enjoy low-risk benefits of contract

We combine more than a decade of experiences from at home and abroad projects, dozens of analytical techniques, provides energy diagnosis, program improvement evaluation, engineering design, procurement, construction, monitoring management, capital and financial planning services, so customers do not have to worry about the risks of energy policy changes , or about technology and energy-efficient construction quality.

Support from Professional technical team

The types of energy supply system for enterprises are more numerous, involving various professional fields’ process, i.e.: emissions control, heating systems, water treatment, etc., as a result, it is very complex to manage. But through our professional team for technical support to give an overall energy using plan, equipment maintenance updates, etc., which is very welcome news for the enterprises which are short of professional and technical personnel.