Energy Recovery

Air Compressor Heat Recovery

Large quantity of waste generated by the compressed air compressor can be, directly past the cooling water or air cooled, failed to effectively use this compression heat. The waste can be recycled to the heater in the building air conditioning system not only reduce the heat to the atmosphere, but also reduces the huge consumption.

Ventilation Heat Recovery

In terms of air-conditioning cooling towers, heat to the atmosphere is a traditional practice, while many applications require constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system, forcing MAU need to reheat, we can host the condensing heat recovery to MAU use, you can use an electric reheat save energy, which saves energy generation costs.

Condensate Heat Recovery

Condensate contains a certain amount of heat, the heat recovery process to other devices or used prior to discharge should take advantage of the heat they contain, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.


Development and energy efficiency

Industrial processes or thermal facilities, energy recovery device is not set to direct or indirect discharge of waste energy atmosphere is quite common. Most emissions to the environment in terms of waste energy, most of which is still considerable heat is not used effectively. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency audit, the industrial waste heat (energy) resource accounts for about 17% to 67% of its total fuel consumption, recyclable waste heat re-use of about 52% to 60% of total waste heat resources, and these heat is generally not been used during the production of heat or energy. These secondary energy recovery and reuse, can produce the maximum energy efficiency.


Directly reduce production costs
Not affect the capacity to improve
Cost savings do reinvestment
Enhance corporate image
Saving significant payback
Low-emission production methods
Save backend processing fee
Intelligent system saves manpower

Extensive range


  • Cleanroom Applications
  • Semiconductor Technology Industry
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Metal Smelting Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Textile Finishing Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Large Mall
  • Hotel
  • School