KEC Heat Pumps

Why Using Heat Pump ?

KEC Heat Pumps provide the most wide-area heating applications with customized technology services, regardless of dormitories, hotels, hospitals, maintenance centers and manufacturing heating and drying processes, such as cold and hot water needs.

Why Choosing KEC ?

• Double-effect heat pump (DEHP ) and High temperature heat pump (HTHP) apply seasonal changes in climate and load capacity, providing a stable and efficient heat source.

• Our heat pump can be fulfilled customer specification individually or simultaneously through output requirements 45 ~ 85 ℃ hot water and 7 ~ 20 ℃ cold water, but just cost 1/3 to 1/5 of traditional energy heating technology, which is direct replacement for high-risk and high-energy electric heaters and hot water boiler equipment.

• KEC Heat Pumps are stability, security, high efficiency and low energy consumption.


Double Effect Heat Pump (DEHP)

HEHP is not limited to use only in processes for the generation of hot water at low temperatures (30 - 40°C). Operating in cascade, heat pumps can be used for the generation of hot water at high temperatures (70 - 80°C) with a satisfactory coefficient of performance (COP). This coefficient, which is used to evaluate the efficiency of heat pumps and refrigeration systems, must be analysed with caution, as there are several ways to calculate it. It is most appropriate to evaluate the system as a whole, not only the refrigerating effect, but all the equipment involved, because the useful thermal energy is the one that is available to the process, which must be related to all the energy consumed by every other equipment used (water pumps, fans, etc.). It was shown the technical and economic feasibility of heat pumps for heating and cooling in thermal processes.

High Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP)

Current high temperature heat pumps can produce steam up to 150ºC (a heat pump prototype has achieved 300ºC). Both open and semi-open MVR systems, closed-cycle compression heat pumps, cascade (combination) systems and a few heat transformers are in operation.

How It Works



Green Building

Using the heat pump can earn credit from green building certification,so the building can become truly sustainable development ,yet minimize the cost of its resources,also to produce the minimal waste.

Low Energy Cost

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient systems you can buy to heat your home. This means saving energy and paying lower bills compared to other heating options. Electric heat pumps also eliminate the need for a humidifier to fight the "dry air feel" produced by most furnaces. Most heat pumps are quieter than their counterpart heating systems because a heat pump's air compressor is located outside the building, reducing the noise levels.