Water Treatment

AqueCue is suitable for industrial plants and medical facilities with large-scale water supply systems, providing no chemical effect of plasma sterilization system to ensure the quality and safety and reduce energy waste.
Moreover, it is suitable for swimming pools, spas and cooling towers and other water circulation system that provides no chemical effect in sterilization system to ensure safe and effective alternative to traditional water disinfection systems.


• AquaCue system is anti-bacteria which has been shown to eliminate the natural technique.
• Potent bactericidal
• Not affected by temperature
• No corrosion
• PH value of water does not change
• Less maintenance
• Streamlined compact
• Easy to install

Water Safety

Water for Food Industry

We provide daily food processed food industry, while also facing water pollution Dyed risk management problems, but also because people focus on food quality problems, Water for food production often overlooked the most important part of the process, did not meet the water quality management Finished pollution, which is still in the microbial pathogens to blame.

Medical Water

Disinfection equipment and sterilization effect is completely safe, but CDC estimates that in the United States every week, about 8-39 people died of pneumonia, but in fact no one knows the cause of Legionnaires bacteria, which are micro-organisms (Bacteria) in bacteria blame, so hospitals except in the air quality, water quality will threaten patient safety.

How It Works



Stainless STC

Ion chamber assembly lines equipped with industrial-grade masks and SMC controllers interconnected electrodes.
Electrical Certification: UL, CSA, CE

SMC System Management

Is a software-based (with Windows XP / 7 compatible) Universal and precise management system. Each life is only one water circuit SMC. Standard features include a digital / analog input and output control, remote management protocol data records and applied to the variable power consumption of the flow within the SMC interconnected electrode.
Variable output = 7.5 ~ 80 A of 90 | 180VDC.